Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Downloading YouTube Videos to your iPod

Hello Readers!

I just received a very cool tip on a blog about how to download YouTube videos to your iPod.

Here is the link to the article written by a fellow blogger:


I have been looking for a way to do this for some time. I like to exercycle (15-miles per days burns 1300+ calories) so this will be a good way to keep me pedaling!

You can read about my weight-loss and cholesterol-lowering project at one of my other blogs:


Most of the YouTube videos are 1~3 minutes in duration, so I can just create a playlist of my favorites, and lose weight while I am being entertained. This will make it much easier to stay motivated, I will just have to keep pedaling until the show is over!

Thank you to Dragon Blogger for this excellent post!

If you know of other methods to download videos using the iPod as a destination storage device, please leave a comment with the link to the article or tip below!

Respectfully, Nicholas


Nicholas said...

Please leave me a comment! Respectfully, Nicholas

iPhoners said...

Nice post. But, usually i just watch and go without save the video, unless it's worth to be downloaded :D

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XBoxDardrive said...

Thanks for this..the ones using the device for the first time usually struggle to understand the workings of the same.

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