Monday, August 11, 2008

iPod Accessories - Part One

Here I will describe some of the iPod accessories that I discovered while web-surfing one day...

1. The iPod Glove
This glove features two little rectangular pads on the index and thumb. They conduct electricity from your fingers to the iPod thumb-wheel so that you can scroll through your playlists, even on the coldest winter days. And yes, they will keep your hands warm and toasty too!

2. The iPod Gramophone dock

This little beauty harkens back to the early days of home audio, complete with speaker / horn!

3. The next accessory is the 'bulletproof' iPod case.

I doubt that the thumb-wheel or display are bulletproof however!

4. This accessory will be useful for the born shopper:

The little ipod Nano just tucks right in to all of those $20 dollar bills!

5. This one will be useful for those whose hands are always full, the iPod shirt.

6. The iPod Purse! Also useful for cellphones, and other .mp3 players!

7. The ipod Belt-buckle dock!

8. As mentioned in another post, I am using the iRecharge accessory.

This accessory provides 16-hours of iPod playback time. It recharges in about 3~4 hours ready to go! The kit also comes with shims to provide a snug fit for your iPod, when inserted into the iRecharge case.

A nice addition is the little white cellboost module, which when connected to most cellphones, provides 8-hours of additional talk-time, in case your cellphone becomes discharged while traveling. Sweet!

So these are a few of my favorite accessories. Do you have a favorite accessory that you would like to share? Leave me a comment, with a link to a photo and description of the accessory. I will include your name and any other information you want to include, and provide your link on this weblog if you want. Respectfully, Nicholas


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